Creating the better battery

Proven automation and digital solutions for the battery industry

In the wake of eMobility and distributed energy storage, the worldwide demand for Li-Ion batteries is soaring. Still, batteries don’t sell themselves: The global market is highly competitive. Battery manufacturers need to improve their processes from end to end to ensure lasting business success in their volatile market

Webinar series about battery manufacturing and recycling

Our three-part webinar series on battery production and recycling is available as a recording!

 In the webinars you will learn how our holistic automation and digitization portfolio can support battery manufacturers in optimizing their production processes.

The first edition will focus on battery simulation from cell design to cell production followed by a session on how to speed up your machine on battery manufacturing. In the last webinar we will concentrate on battery recycling.

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No more one-size-fits-all: Coil2Stack fits battery cells of different shapes and sizes

Question: What do shopping for a new suit and battery manufacturing have in common? Answer: You can have a standard version that’s nice and (relatively) inexpensive. Or one that fits you perfectly but comes at a price…

By Luciano Wolke da Silva